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Dr. Anjana Vinod | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

A graduate from Mumbai University with a major in Economics Dr. Anjana was a below-average student during her school days. She was extremely attached to her grandparents and when she was in her 4th grade, she lost both in just a year’s gap. This emotionally and mentally drained her out. Her focus on education just shifted and she could barely recall what she studied. Passing the 10th grade too looked like an uphill task. However, things changed as she entered college. She was able to enjoy her studies and topped her college in Economics.

She always wanted to start working early and be financially independent and that's why, Post completing her graduation, she didn’t pursue higher studies. During her working tenure, she realized the value of specializing in streams of interest and went ahead and did multiple international certifications to support her passion. She did her MDP from IIM Bangalore – which she is very proud of.

When diagnosed with the last stage of breast cancer 18 years ago, her doctor realized her skill of staying positive under any circumstances in her. He offered her to speak to a few of his patients and transform their thought processes.

One thing she realized is you need to be the most important person in your life. Only when you show love and respect to yourself will the world replica the same. Education and a never stop learning attitude get you to the level you did like to reach in life.

She says, "Never be insecure about anything because you are unique and a replica of you will only be able to copy what is visible not what is in your mind."

She loves the quote – “if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together”. Her Husband and Daughter have been always her pillar of strength. The foundation laid by her parents and her brother gave her the courage to take challenges head-on.

The simplest way to build confidence in today’s generation is to show trust and belief that they have it in them. Making sure that our limiting beliefs don’t act as an obstacle but feed them with empowering believes that nothing is impossible. A strong part of this came from her Coach Yuki at the ULM (Upskill Leadership Mastery) class by SBY Academy.

Her biggest challenge was when she began her freelance journey to build credibility and for that getting opportunities & on personal front managing her daughter’s school, classes, and her sports. After she quit her corporate career, she was missing the financial freedom she had. That’s when the freelance opportunity knocked her door. She took up small projects and started upskilling herself to match the industry demands.

Despite so many challenges, she always had an optimistic view of life. She realized, Coaching is her thing and she’d often make people self-introspect and help them gain their confidence back. Her passion for coaching was discovered while she was undergoing chemotherapy She went on to become the only breast cancer coach India has. She was coaching not only the patients but also their family members to deal with the patient and ailment That’s when she decided that coaching should not be limited to patients but to everyone who needs it.

Lastly, she conveys, "Never say NO to any work only because the financial pay-out doesn’t match your expectations. Something her husband always told her. Learning never stops and so upskilling one’s knowledge should never stop a point her daughter always practiced. Sharing your knowledge only helps it grow. Empathy and a sense of belonging help build strong bonds and relationships. Staying positive no matter what by focusing on what’s in your hand to change." Dr. Anjana has been a fighter and has always fallen seven times but got up eight times.