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Dr. Anil Kumar, shaping the education industry with e-LearnVidya

Dr. Anil Kumar: “I always inclined to support the needy, to help the interested ones. And like everyone, I too have 24 hours a day, but I wanted to multiply my contribution to the welfare of society by setting up a big organization with key people in it—I founded Bhola Institutional Trust, Studentsky Pvt. Lmt. and eLearn Vidya for Distance Education. We have also taken several initiatives in Skill India.

Since I wanted to solve a big problem, and as it is rightly said, a country’s development can be seen by the quality and quantity of education the people hold and India, even though we produce a lot of doctors, engineers, and many other professionals still have a good unemployment rate which is a big problem and the part of that problem is quality education. Research says that a lot of people and simply not employable.

Today, in this world of technology, the education industry has shifted to the next level. Anyone, from anywhere, at any time can learn their desired courses or pursue their favorite or suitable degree. They just need a reliable medium and I planned to offer exactly that, hence, I founded eLearn Vidya.

Over 9.5 million students opted for distance learning in 2020/21 alone. However, Indians find it difficult to pursue Distance learning, that’s where we come into the picture, We help students reach all universities offering distance education courses. We have gathered all information about the distance education system, UGC rules and guidelines, and government guidelines about distance learning processes.

With all our expertise, offers Distance UG Courses, Distance PG Courses, Job-linked Pages, WILP Courses, Skill Development & Vocational courses, and Diploma Program.

Visit our website to avail any of our services and go to your desired university! Nothing satisfies me when we give help our children in growing with quality education which is indirectly helping India grow and reach new heights. And I think that should be the motto of one’s life, grow, and help others grow!

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