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"Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

Kritika Agarwal: While we were upskilling, people around us were reminding us how my partner Shruti and I were wasting time. Little did anyone know that someday we’d become an inspirational tale.

As children, we used to go with our grandfathers to the various factories that were owned by them. While standing on the factory floor, looking at the buzz of creation everywhere around us, where each person and every minute was important, made us fall in love with entrepreneurship. It has always been in our blood.

We never stopped thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. I knew that I wanted to create value through entrepreneurship, but what business should I choose was a bit unclear. During my MBA, I ran an on-campus cafe, along with 6 other students, for a year, to test the waters of entrepreneurship and I never turned to a job again!

Things were a little different with Shruti. She worked for a while at Amazon after finishing her MBA. During this time, while helping me out, we discovered we share a mutual passion for games and entrepreneurship. This is when my partner Shruti Goenka joined this venture.

To begin our venture, first, we needed to upskill, but the catch was, there were no known courses to learn this skill. We spent 3 years learning how to develop this, before we launched the company in November 2019.

Soon after launching, the world was gripped by the pandemic. The demand for our product skyrocketed during the lockdown. Our stocks ran out from all our selling points quickly, and even though there was a huge demand, we couldn't ship them. Even some lovely customers came to our doorstep during the lockdown for the product. The pandemic was the time when we continued growing.

Our biggest challenge was to get people to believe in our dreams. All the years we spent learning were considered as a huge waste of time by people around us. But we overcame this by realizing that not everyone views the world in the same way. We realized that our products would speak for themselves. Now, everyone believes in our mission and vision. It is perseverance, the main ingredient of any successful entrepreneurial journey.

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