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Divyush Gadodia | Trust the process and keep hustlin'!

My journey as an entrepreneur started in my second year of college when I co-founded my first start-up with my sister. We designed and marketed an organic body and skincare brand, which opened up my horizon to the world of startups.After finishing my master’s, I worked as a banker in the field of SME funding but my curiosity to understand the business was much greater than earning sales for the bank. This led me to resign from my job and pursue my career as an entrepreneur.

The journey has been both brilliant and terrible. There is so much to learn, and making mistakes is the only way to learn. The biggest challenge I faced was convincing my parents to leave their comfortable job and support me in bootstrapping my start-up from all my savings. But once they were on my side, conquering the world seemed easier.I am proud to say that I am currently working on a patent for textured 3D print tech, which is our house special oil-based printing on textiles.

Our brand is inspired by the spirit of hustling and all our designs reflect that idea. Our products are of the highest quality, our design is uniform for hustlers, and our unboxing experience is the best in class.

We believe in providing value luxury, which enables us to give our customers much more value at the same price as premium brands. In conclusion, I would like to say that following one's passion brings a different kind of satisfaction. Trust the process and keep hustlin'!

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