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Designing is in every thread of our existence- be it attire or life…

Nisha Chaudhary: I belong to a family of doctors and if during my childhood you’d ask me, if I wanted to be an entrepreneur or not, my obvious answer would be no. Since my family background was of doctors, I always wanted to pursue the same.

I had never thought of starting a business of my own, rather assumed it wasn't my thing. It was one evening while hanging out with my friends that I met Karna Puri, a senior teacher in Welham, and he inquired about me. At that time, I was designing apps and websites for a company. Although he appreciated my work, I knew I was stuck there deep down. It was after this moment, that I decided to do something using my experience in apparel design.

I was very focused and dedicated to my work. But my desire to do something on my own out there and bring a change in society was higher. There were times when I would be working on my business all day long, even late at night, and then have to go back home and work on my designs and Instagram posts too. I simultaneously try to balance my daily job and entrepreneurship. Truth be told, sometimes it becomes overwhelming with a huge to-do list but I have been reminding myself that my goal is to create an impact, not just make money.

The biggest challenge that I faced was to get started in my journey, fighting that inner voice and learning self-discipline to pursue my own venture, or on some days just trying to remain consistent. The other obstacle was being able to overcome my fear of failure. I discovered the secret to solving this problem is having a great support system around yourself and who will help you get through any obstacle that comes your way, and in my case, it's my better half.

I’m still on my way to achieving greater things, mainly as I’m starting out now, but while doing my master’s in design from NIFT, New Delhi I received funding and awards for two of my works.

People love different types of designs and through my venture, I realized that ‘wear what you care about.’

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