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Chaitali Jhaveri | The Entrepreneurs of India April 2024 Edition # 15

Born into a conservative family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Chaitali Jhaveri's early years were imbued with societal expectations and limitations. However, she defied societal norms to become a cosmic healer. With 25+ years in holistic wellness, she's an educator and advocate for mental, physical, and financial well-being. Her expertise in cosmic healing transforms lives by integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Chaitali firmly believes in holistic healing, integrating mental and emotional well-being with physical health. Neglecting these aspects can lead to suffering, both physically and financially. She draws wisdom from Indian culture, seeing it as a source of holistic healing knowledge.

Through her innovative modalities such as Access Bars, Magnified Healing, Lamafera Healing, Akashic Records Reading, and more than 100 types of Reiki, Chaitali has empowered individuals worldwide to reclaim their vitality and joy. As an early adopter of online education, she pioneered online healing courses in 2016, enabling a global audience to access transformative practices from the comfort of their homes.

Visionary Chaitali, as the founder of Chaitali Creation Production House, harnesses the power of storytelling to propagate messages of positivity and societal change. Her acclaimed film, "Reya: The Unbelievable Girl," sheds light on the perils of social media addiction among kids and youth, advocating for mental resilience and self-awareness. The film garnered accolades, including the Best Experimental Movie on Woman Empowerment at the 10th Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF).

Chaitali has garnered prestigious awards like the Lifetime Achievement Award for Healing and Entrepreneur of the Year from the United Nations. Despite a conservative upbringing, she defies societal norms, leading the way to holistic well-being for individuals and communities.

She is at the brim of starting new channels to spread her knowledge and wisdom to the world. The Channels are, Sachcha Hindustani News Channel, As Director and Managing, The Chaitali Show, and Bootstrapping which shines a light on individuals who have built businesses from scratch, showcasing their resilience, determination, and ingenuity.

Her tagline, "Learn. Heal. Transform.," encapsulates her mission to facilitate personal growth and empowerment. Chaitali's holistic approach allows her to heal past wounds, transform the present, and shape a brighter future for her clients.

Furthermore, Chaitali conducts training sessions internationally, both online and offline, demonstrating her commitment to fostering well-being on a global scale.

In a world where the Law of Attraction emphasizes the power of manifestation, Chaitali advocates for the importance of knowing what to ask for.

“You ask and shall receive. Just learn to ask,” imparts Chaitali.

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