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Bakhtawar Krishnan | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine July 2023

Bakhtawar’s chequered journey is one to inspire and admire as it is not very often that one learns about people changing their professions well into their forties. He worked with corporates in different capacities for twenty-five years before inclining towards such dramatic a change. It takes mighty courage and confidence to take this step forward and experiment with things that you feel you belong to.

“It is very easy to fall off the wagon if you are not driven, not motivated.” One of the primary things that kept Krishnan going was his deep-rooted believe in ‘discipline.’ Consistency, routine and faith in yourself are the hero ingredients for a success recipe. To dare to keep going even when all those around you try their best to limit possibilities, at that breaking point, it is crucial to stay indifferent to pessimistic criticism and stay put. People will always attempt to demean, belittle and put you down time and again but to stay true to yourself and your work is what makes your turn a deaf ear to such discouraging comments. What others say about you, is a mere reflection of how they see themselves.

Speaking of people who don’t stand beside you, it is unfair not to mention those who do. Colleagues, family, friends, and all those who stand as allies for you. They are the ones who deserve your respect, deserve to be heard and to be empowered.

Quoting Bhaktawar, having ‘enough’ resources is a moot point, for it never really is enough. There’s always something you’ll be missing. And to make do with what you have is exactly what it means to master the tough skill of resourcefulness. Another related challenge is not having someone say, “I’m all ears!” for you when you think of an idea. Therefore, you’re compelled to believe in yourself and your gut.

As for her organisation, ‘Inspirus Education’, it helps students fulfil their dream of studying abroad at the undergraduate and masters level. Along with coaching students for entrance exams like SATs, IELTS, TOEFLs, etc., they also counsel students for their college and career choices. Their student centric approach and paramount regard for the comfort of the child and the parents, is what makes their organisation unique from the others.

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