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Ashutosh Kumar | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Born and raised in Jamshedpur, Ashutosh Kumar completed his schooling in his hometown before clearing JEE mains and graduating with a B.Tech in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from the National Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Ranchi, in 2020. Despite his educational background in metallurgy, Ashutosh discovered a new passion during his second year of college, thanks to the guidance of a senior mentor.

Ashutosh's path was not straightforward. Graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic made job hunting challenging, but he secured a position at Amazon. This opportunity allowed him to explore content creation alongside his job. Today, he boasts a following of over 50,000 across various social media platforms, sharing valuable insights and resources.

Guidance and mentorship play an important factor in his life. "Proper guidance is crucial," he says. "I was fortunate to have a senior who helped me navigate this field. The only mistake I made was not focusing early enough. If you're preparing for something, start early, make mistakes, learn from them, and improve every day with discipline."

In the crowded and often overwhelming Ed-Tech sector, Ashutosh provides free resources on YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, leveraging his real industry experience to offer genuine value. He warns against falling prey to expensive online courses, encouraging learners to seek out credible and impactful resources.

"My family helped and supported my side hustle significantly," he shares. He notes a positive shift in Indian culture towards entrepreneurship, urging parents to believe in their children's potential and to view failure as a part of the journey rather than a deterrent.

Starting an Ed-Tech business came with its challenges, particularly in terms of resources. Ashutosh credits his seniors and family for providing the necessary teaching equipment. However, the biggest challenge he faced was growth. "You show up daily, but sometimes your business doesn't grow as expected. It's disheartening, but you need to hang on, keep moving, and never stop learning. Data research played a crucial role in making informed decisions."

Ashutosh's business focuses on education and helping individuals secure roles in data analytics and science. He believes in the transformative power of data, describing it as "the new oil." "Every decision today is based on data. It's an exciting time to be in this industry, which is growing exponentially."

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Ashutosh offers a powerful piece of advice: "Failing is okay, not trying is not. Embrace failure as part of the process, but never let fear stop you from trying."

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