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Anvay Kolwankar | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2023

In the competitive business world, breaking free from the confines of a family business and venturing into uncharted territory requires determination and vision. Anvay Kolwankar, a successful entrepreneur from India, exemplifies this spirit as he embarked on a journey to revolutionize the pool industry and redefine the concept of villa rentals. Through his unwavering commitment and leadership skills, Anvay has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry, setting new trends and inspiring others to follow their passions.

Anvay Kolwankar's entrepreneurial journey began with a serendipitous encounter at a random expo. Meeting a gentleman from Australia who offered him a pre-fabricated pool at a fraction of the cost of traditional collections in India, Anvay faced the same concerns many potential customers had - durability, warranty, and maintenance costs. Despite these doubts, he took a leap of faith and imported the first ready-made pool to India from Australia. This decision proved to be a turning point, leading to over 6,000 swimming pools being sold.

After eight years of importing pools, Anvay identified an opportunity to enhance quality and manufacturing capabilities. He started manufacturing high-grade collections in India, expanding their reach domestically and exporting them to Africa, the Middle East, and other Asian countries. This transition allowed him to reduce shipping costs and ensure better control over the production process.

As a unique business experience holder, Anvay shares his valuable insights "Overstocking led to high warehouse rentals. Lowering shipping costs increased hidden costs. Managing multiple businesses revealed weaknesses- Implemented strategies with the right staff."

Anvay Kolwankar firmly believes that every entrepreneur must be a great leader within their organization. Leaders provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation to their teams, enabling them to achieve common goals. Anvay's leadership skills have been enhanced through his life experiences, enduring the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey. He acknowledges that leadership cannot be taught but instead cultivated from within over time.

With a clear vision, Anvay set out to achieve his roadmap for Stayscape and Atlantis Pools. His determination and passion have been the driving forces behind his success. Anvay recognizes that aggression and passion are vital elements for entrepreneurs to strive toward their goals, and he has demonstrated these traits throughout his career.

Anvay Kolwankar's family played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial journey. Initially skeptical about his restaurant idea, Light House Cafe, their support grew with its success. Anvay manages chains and brands today, including Song of Life Resort in Pune. Friends and family support has been instrumental in his decision-making.

Anvay hails from a family with a long-standing entrepreneurial background. Over a century ago, his grandfather started Pioneer Tobacco Industrial Works, a company distributing tobacco and beedies in India. His father established Water Purification Services (WPS), which was the first pool company in India making pools for top builders and hotels. Anvay expanded on this foundation by starting Atlantis Pools, a manufacturing company specializing in pre-fabricated pools. This diversification and vertical integration have allowed Anvay to cater to various clients, including celebrities, industrialists, and sports personalities.

Anvay's boldness extends beyond the pool industry. He ventured into the hospitality sector without prior knowledge of kitchens, resorts, or hospitality. Recognizing the importance of expertise, he hired a team of talented chefs and hospitality professionals to ensure the success of his ventures.

With the launch of Stayscape, a villa rental business, Anvay faced numerous challenges and encountered skeptics who believed the concept would fail. However, through belief in himself, team formation, and dedication to making the concept work, Stayscape quickly grew to include 30 villas in Maharashtra and Goa within a year.

Anvay Kolwankar and his team strive to set new trends and provide unique experiences to their customers and pamper guests with hospitality. With Stayscape, they have transformed villa rentals by offering personalized services such as organic gardens, home-cooked food, continental chefs, and curated activities like breakfast in the mountains, dinner by the lake, and BBQ in the jungle. The emphasis on providing a five-star experience and warmth of home within a villa has set them apart from competitors, creating a niche market for their offerings.

Anvay Kolwankar's entrepreneurial journey is a testimony to the power of determination, leadership, and pursuing one's passion. From importing pools to manufacturing them and starting a villa rental business to expanding into construction, Anvay has consistently pushed boundaries and set industry trends. His success in different sectors and dedication to his vision exemplify the rewards of following one's dreams. As a self-made entrepreneur, Anvay Conveys, "Do not chase after money; pursue your passion, and the money will follow. Excel in what you are passionate about. Work hard and achieve your goals early, allowing you to retire in your 40s. Remember, life is short, so learn to enjoy every moment with your family and children."

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