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Anisha Sharma | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2023

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful. Event managers are the people who make the location seem like a slice of paradise. The seamless execution of a meticulously planned event is an art form in itself, and it simply cannot be achieved without the expert touch of skilled management. Every detail must be flawlessly executed to ensure that the event is a resounding success and leaves a lasting impression on all attendees.

Anisha Sharma, an accomplished entrepreneur and event manager, has made her name in this line. She held onto her dream of pursuing an artistic profession with unwavering determination, and her perseverance turned that dream into a reality. Upon completing high school, her family had certain expectations for her to pursue a career in medicine or government service. However, she was certain that her true passion lay elsewhere.

The spark of her love for event management ignited when she secured her initial position at a company specializing in wedding planning. In a whirlwind of ambition, she gracefully navigated through a variety of event management companies, ranging from the intricate world of wedding planning to the fast-paced corporate event planning scene, all the way to the prestigious events of government of India. With each new venture, she honed her skills and expanded her expertise.

As she progressed through each new role, she fearlessly embraced greater responsibility, ultimately immersing herself in every facet of the events from inception to fruition. With each passing day, her expertise and understanding expanded, and consequently, her reputation and network of suppliers flourished. Her extensive travels to various events provided her with valuable insights into purchasing and facility management, both in India and abroad.

The decision to leave her employment at a corporate event management firm was a watershed point in her professional life. A high-profile customer of hers quickly extended an invitation to her to plan a special event.

Despite her departure from the company, the client's unwavering trust in her abilities led them to prioritize her expertise over any corporate affiliation. With seamless precision, she flawlessly executed the event as agreed upon. Soon, her admirers and associates were urging her to establish her own event-planning enterprise. Despite the challenge ahead, she was confident in her abilities and knew that she possessed the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed. With her exceptional skills, she ventured into the world of event management and established her own company.

As she embarked on her journey, the balls of reality hit her with challenges, but none more significant than the task of discovering fresh customers for her esteemed event planning enterprise. She developed a methodical practice to overcome this obstacle. Every night, she would spend hours poring over market data and carefully selecting a shortlist of potential candidates. She had a daily quota of 100 calls that she had to meet, calls during which she would introduce her business and try to set up meetings with potential customers. She set a goal for herself to make 100 calls per day and set up appointments with at least four to five prospective customers. This allowed her to take advantage of the many possibilities that lay ahead.

Despite the boredom of calling numbers and always hearing no, she kept at it since she knew that each call may lead to a new business opportunity. She persisted in her quest for consistency out of pure willpower and unyielding dedication, and her efforts bore fruit. Over time, her clientele expanded steadily. However, when it came to pitching to major brands, it was a whole new level of challenge. The existing companies had deep-rooted connections with their vendors, posing a challenge for budding entrepreneurs like herself to make a mark in the industry.

She didn't get discouraged by setbacks and relentlessly chased her objectives, never missing a meeting and always prepared to present her superior services and build strong relationships with potential customers. Even now, she adheres to the same regimen that brought her to where she is today. She has established herself as a premier event planner, specializing in organising Reputed Events for Government of India and curating unforgettable experiences for Bollywood Events, Corporate Gatherings, and Luxurious Weddings.

Her company is celebrated for its unwavering dedication to delivering remarkable events that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality. With a passion for innovation, they go above and beyond to create unique and unforgettable experiences, ensuring exceptional value for their clients while consistently surpassing expectations. From what she has seen, there are a lot of bright people in small towns who end up having their creativity and potential stifled because they were forced along a certain route. She thinks that it's important to encourage young people to follow their passions and find something they like. With her story, she aims to ignite a spark of inspiration in the hearts of young individuals hailing from small towns, urging them to chase their dreams fearlessly.

She hopes to enlighten parents about the vast potential of creative careers, be it through employment or entrepreneurship. Her vision is to inspire a thriving entrepreneurial spirit in small communities and shatter the misconception that only the privileged can achieve business success. Success is within reach for those who possess determination, work hard, and have a deep passion for their craft.

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