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Anirudh Palaskar | The Entrepreneurs of India Youngpreneur Magazine August 2022

What are the pain points? Pain points are recurring problems with a product or service, either online or offline, that inconvenience or annoy users. These persistent problems are solved by User Experience professionals or UX professionals. Anirudh Palaskar is a UX professional who has developed his company, UXVerse. UXVerse is a TechEd institution that deals with educating and training up-and-coming UX designers to solve problems and ease the pain points of the next billion users, or users getting online for the time across the world.

The company aims at helping young UX design aspirants understand and learn the importance of taking informed decisions and the right approach and method to solve a problem with industry-first experience. With the growth of the highly competitive market, building optimal solutions for customers’ problems become the need of the hour and there were hardly a few resources that you’d help and build up the coming generation of designers to cater to the needs of users. The objective of UXVerse is crafting the next generation of UX Designers by educating them about not only UX Design but also Tech and Product Management.

UX is a rather new field and there is a lot of uncertainty, as no one can give a straight answer to what it truly means. For a young person who is interested in this field, a lot of questions go unanswered.

But for a person to be successful, especially in terms of entrepreneurship he believes that, they must necessarily have proper discipline, consistency and persistence. When one has these virtues, a lot of gates are opened, that will help one achieve great heights. Having said that he also appreciates how many young entrepreneurs are finding success in India today. The awareness of industry and the adoption and inclusion of principles, values and diversity are at an all-time high. Anirudh maintains that when young entrepreneurs focus on the need of the hour, plan and prioritize their roadmap, network with like minded people across industries, and take risks, formations of successful brands and entrepreneurs are going to be ever increasing.


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