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Anamika Shukla | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Anamika Shukla started her career in the glamorous world of media and luxury fashion. From 2014 to 2016, she worked with big names like Hindustan Times and Armani. Even though she had a prestigious job, Anamika felt stifled by the corporate world’s politics. “I had everything, but I realized I couldn’t work under so many restrictions,” she recalls.

Eager for creative freedom, Anamika co-founded Khushali, a publishing house in Mumbai. Although they hosted successful open mic events, creative differences led to her leaving in 2020, marking a turning point in her career.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Anamika used her skills in spoken English and communication to start an Instagram page. What began as a casual project quickly turned into a booming venture, gaining over 100,000 followers. Now, she hosts workshops and guest lectures.

Reflecting on her journey, Anamika admits that overcoming ego and learning to trust wisely were key lessons. She advises entrepreneurs to stay humble and set clear boundaries, emphasizing professionalism and client-focused service. Her story highlights resilience and strategic thinking in business, stressing the importance of adding real value and being cautious with information.

Despite financial support from her family, Anamika lacked moral backing. She believes in nurturing creativity and supporting young entrepreneurs, highlighting the need for encouragement during tough times.

Today, Anamika is thriving as a communication skills coach, content creator, and ghostwriter. She offers soft skills training, email writing, and personal branding services to individuals and corporate clients. She teaches effective communication strategies and content development techniques, providing comprehensive support.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Anamika emphasizes the power of acceptance: “Admit when you’re wrong and embrace your mistakes. This creates a safe space for learning. Once you start learning, you start growing, and this growth is endless. Acceptance eliminates the fear of judgment. If you acknowledge your gaps in knowledge, criticism becomes irrelevant. So, embrace what you don’t know. Acceptance will propel you to greater heights.”

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