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Amitkumar Dilip Mane | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

Amitkumar Dilip Mane a well known pharmacy professional and youtuber (100k+ subscriber base) from Pune Maharashtra , he embarked on a journey in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. Driven by an innate entrepreneurial spirit, he engaged with industry leaders, fostering a network that would later become instrumental in his ventures.

A pivotal moment arose when a retail store opportunity presented itself in Pune, Maharashtra.  Despite facing financial challenges, he seized the chance, resigning from his marketing job to establish Malan Healthcare. His journey began with modest investments and relentless determination.

He took decision to share his knowledge and experience through his educational youtube channel for various career and business opportunities in pharmaceutical industry. So that everyone can learn and grow in pharmaceutical industry as fresher.

Throughout his career, He has thoroughly followers advices that he has gained from various business owners. Some of them are gaining practical experience first; align your business with your passions; invest wisely; prioritize transparency in partnerships; explore alternative funding; establish a mission beyond profit; cultivate a strong professional network. Family played a crucial role, providing unwavering support, fueling his pursuit of success despite societal pressures for secure jobs. These advices have hugely molded his career and has helped him be a better version of himself each day.

As he is from a family where doing business is very risky and also not secured. He started his journey as fresher and many times got challenges due to non experience and support but still he grows eventually out of all circumstances. 

His second venture, Global Pharma Academy, took two years to stabilize. Success, he emphasizes, is a continuous learning process. His mission to provide affordable education has spawned over 100 entrepreneurs and helped over 100 students secure dream jobs.

The challenge of creating an economical platform for education tested his resolve. Rejections were abundant, but self-delivered courses and proven success stories eventually attracted industry experts, leading to the expansion of his business.

Global Pharma Academy, which is an ISO 9001:2015 institute, offers courses in drug regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, and more. Simultaneously, Global Pharma Consultancy provides MSME-certified business consultation for various pharmaceutical enterprises.

Through Global Pharma Academy, he has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and the industry. By offering specialized courses in drug regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, and more, he has equipped a new generation of professionals with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape. 

Additionally, his consultancy arm, Global Pharma Consultancy, has provided invaluable guidance to numerous pharma businesses, ranging from startups to established enterprises, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the industry. Amitkumar's commitment to knowledge dissemination and his role as a mentor have further cemented his legacy as a driving force in the continuous evolution of the pharmaceutical sector.

For him, the most inspiring aspect of his journey is the daily learning experiences. As a mentor and business coach, he connects with students and professionals daily, maintaining an updated perspective through his YouTube channel and personal interactions. He encourages the youth to identify their skills, follow their interests, and stay committed to continuous learning. He emphasizes the importance of networking, stepping out of comfort zones, and contributing to others' well-being for holistic success.

He offers a universal mantra: "Learn. Update. Apply." Accept both the joys and challenges life presents, recognizing that every experience contributes to personal growth. His journey exemplifies how passion, perseverance, and a commitment to learning can transform dreams into thriving enterprises.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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