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Adv. Anjinesh Anjay Shukla | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine September 2023

Being a lawyer is not just a difficult process, but what you do after you become one is demanding and exhausting too. Anjinesh elaborately emphasizes the troubles you put yourself through once you become an advocate by profession, the incessantly long hours, the constant need for a sharp view of judgement, for there is always a possibility of a client being deceptive. However, despite these challenges, he believes that the service of justice an advocate provides rises above all trivial problems. “It is an industry wherein you can bring social and societal change, earn decently and influence global circles.” Therefore, the exhilarating and exciting feeling of being able to call something your own and being your own boss is what drove him to build a law firm, now known as Shukla & Pujari Chamber.

No one is born flawless, and so naturally, Anjinesh has had to deal with his fair share of failures and mistakes, but as in the case of every successful and thriving entrepreneur, his setbacks became his lessons. One of these is learning to practice the art of management which is crucial for business development and organisational progress. There is a catch: they need to do it fast. You see, the world of law is fast-paced and so, the inhabitants of that world do not have the luxury to move at their leisure. They need to grasp concepts and comprehend cases quickly, and coherently, for they cannot afford to miss the slightest detail or data.

Behind the successful man Anjinesh grew up to be, lies an equally competent, if not more, youngster who sincerely played his role in bringing his dreams to fruition. Holding roles of responsibility and control like School Prefect and Executive Council Member during college taught him invaluable lessons of leadership that no webinar or online course could have remotely taught. Apart from practicing law, other hobbies also aroused his interest like swimming. He is a Club Level Freestyle Swim winner. Maintaining the balance between physical and mental; personal and professional has proven to be a challenging task even for the greatest of entrepreneurs, but Anjinesh has managed to embed it in daily life.

Years of practice and efforts have led his firm to be experienced and efficient. They won a case (Anand Mati Yadav v. State of Chhattisgarh; 2019 SCC OnLine Chh 92) which found its way into the reference book of lawyers called Supreme Court Cases, which plays the role of a sacred scripture in the world of law. Another set of cases won, which are worth mentioning, are the Cooperative Society Cases against the government. Apart from excelling at his job, Anjinesh has also worked for the better of the society, raising awareness campaigns like Teeka Mor Rakhar which translates to Vaccine is my Saviour and forming assistance groups like Covid Help.

The former was specifically targeted towards the villages of Chhattisgarh where the backward and uneducated people had difficulty accepting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine. They informed them against the common misconception of vaccines being harmful and urged them to confide in their use. The latter was an endeavour in Raipur where they provided basic hospital requirements like medicines and beds to small villages. Not only do these actions promote a sense of compassion and sympathy amongst others, but they also create a ripple effect where inspiration leads others to lend a hand too.

Opinions, strong opinions, of men with congruent characters are what shape the future of the nation, and consequently of the world. Anjinesh is a headstrong, and straight-forward man who believes in cultivating a culture of freedom of speech and expression. He is a proud right-wing thinker and RSS District Office Bearer. He believes that India has always been a Hindu Rashtra. Without jumping to conclusions, one must first delve into the essence of the word Hindu as used here by Anjinesh. It does not promote a particular religion, sect or group, rather a sense of collective belonging and common cultural past. India, before becoming India, was Hindustan, and people need to look beyond the religious barriers and savour the unity of this phrase that influences our past, present and future. “Always believe in your own strengths and abilities, do not pay heed to others’ expectations from you.” Anjinesh strongly believes that street smart beats classroom smart. If you know your way around the crude world, you're sure to survive effortlessly. However, mere textbook knowledge confines you to the limits of a suffocating space, leaving you ignorant of all that the world has to offer. It is crucial for one's well being and their organisation's progress, that they learn to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. Life inside the box is mundane and dull, which is why entrepreneurs are required to think outside the box.

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