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Aditi Vinod Arya| Keep your mind young by continuing to learn about your business...

I have never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. And thought of working in a job.

After experiencing problems personally during my studies, I thought of starting a channel. And wanted to help students who struggle with learning and understanding commerce subjects. And thought of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur.

I am very passionate about teaching as it is an interactive process. And want to be one of the best teachers who helps students and motivates and inspires them to achieve great things in life. Have been involved with various people in teaching, research, and content creation.

The challenge which I am still trying to figure out is finding various ways to record, edit, and create the best quality content. I think this is a learning process where we learn and grow up gradually. I also need to be updated with the latest trends in studying, Studying patterns, and habits.

My Achievements are that I was able to achieve a good base of subscribers on my YouTube channel, and helped many students to crack their B.Com, BBA,, MBA, UGC NET, SET, JRF, and other competitive examinations. I was awarded the “Helping hand award” from Unacademy for taking up most of the doubts on that platform.

I help those students who find themselves very weak in a certain subject.

I help to motivate the students to achieve their desired goals. I primarily focus on the practical aspects of learning rather than just mugging up the subject. I want the students to have a Holistic approach to learning where they enjoy the learning process.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is Learning is a lifelong process. You learn from people, places, situations, and circumstances. Today’s digital space has given every person the opportunity to learn and develop themselves as much as possible. I feel if a person has a passion or craving for learning there are many options available for them. You need to learn and develop yourself on regular basis not only to survive but also to do your best job on the field.

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