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Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha reveals the story behind Abhi and Niyu

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha: In a time where technology is changing within 5 years, I never thought I’d end up making a career using social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I was certain that my career will have to do something on the creative side. I wanted to become an actor and decided to take science after school. I even topped the science subject but my parents convinced me to take another stream on which I can implement my creativity because science can rather be too tough and can maybe affect my creativity. I felt very overwhelmed that my parents strongly value my likings and are ready to support me accordingly. But now, via my content, I am able to share my love for science. My wife, Niyati and I know each other for 9 years and like my parents, she has also been a great supporter since day 1.

She has a very big contribution to the videos I share. I graduated in 2014 and started working as a freelancer. I’d make videos for my clients and I was able to make ends meet. For the next 4 years, I was taking the projects based on how much it pays me not how much growth I will be getting from it. As an Entrepreneur, I could not enjoy Sundays because of my work. I realized that If I am going to work hard anyway, why not work for myself and grow? I thought that if earning money was all I wanted, I could’ve become an engineer. I must take advantage of the freedom I have. In 2017, I started my own channel: Following Love. I started making videos that not necessarily pay me but those videos can be a medium for me to speak my heart. There are a lot of Things in India which is not presented the way it is consumed on the internet. Rather than watching long documentaries, I decided to create videos of small durations so people can save time and still get the right information about India. In 2019, I got a massive response from the audience. The love I got in return is my ultimate source of motivation. I believe that everybody should be able to find their own voice and must follow what they really love the way I am FOLLOWING LOVE.

Following Love: As an Indian, I have observed that many of us probably don’t know many great things about our own country. When a foreigner comes to our country, the majority of us will only talk about Bollywood and cricket. My whole idea is to educate the audience and tell them the whole story of the great things about India which makes it special. In May 2019, I decided to give 100 reasons to love India. for that, I am traveling to various places across India and I collect every information possible related to the location and I share it via my videos. I am overwhelmed by the fact that I am able to make a positive and optimistic change in people’s minds. My wife, Niyati and I have been working on it together. Essentially, all people are watching is just a short video but the effort we both putting behind it cannot be seen. She is like the backbone of our creations.

She decides on the topic and place, she does all the bookings, she helps me to carry out information, she is also the producer. This project is 100% self-funded. Both of us really worked hard for 5 or 6 years before we started this project and we are funding it from our savings. Apart from that Niyati is working as a content writer for various finance companies and she works when I edit. This is not seen to the naked eye but without this, the videos are not possible. I take care of the rest of the things necessary to make the video. Good work always comes with a price. I am constantly working behind my project: 100 reasons to love India. If I’m not traveling, then I’m busy editing videos. I see this project as my post-graduation. It is an investment I am making to gain knowledge and experience. Initially, it was difficult to find the audience for these videos. I knew the content was worthy but it didn't reach the right people who would appreciate it. We don't put money into ads. We rely on organic reach. These were the initial red signals. Slowly they started turning green. Each and every place we visited was thrilling and joyful. Make sure you follow us on social media and we are sure that after watching our videos, you will feel proud to be an INDIAN.

Abhi and Niyu | abhiandniyu | followinglove

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