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Aarti Agrawal, Passionate writer, keen learner, and explorer par excellence.

As a child, Aarti had always been curious about reading, writing, and exploring stories. She was fond of plots, characters, and settings that educated, motivated, and informed. She still finds it joyful to know what triggers people's interest and what makes them feel connected to a piece of writing. This passion forced her to begin her journey as a content writer. Making reads enjoyable and sparking something spectacular from the ordinary aptly defines her role as a Writer for the Corporate world.

Baby steps. These words were in Aarti's mind when she wrote her first paid and published piece for the Times of India as a content writer in college. From mere freelancing to writing for big clients across several industries, she has come a long way in her twenty-two-year journey. She takes pride in saying she got the opportunity to work for a social initiative, JalTara and for VVKI with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is marvellous how far one can go by committing to excellence.

As mentioned, Aarti has always been intrigued by people, hence her love for psychology. She finds it challenging to learn about herself and others through this demanding study, and in addition to offering a tremendous opportunity for personal growth, majoring in psychology helped with her career too. However, her 'true calling' of getting to know people and weaving their stories into words led her to opt for post-graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication.

In the initial phase of her career, Aarti had her battles to fight. She had self-doubt, but thanks to her agents, she is in a better space now. She realizes that being self-critical has helped her grow. As a perfectionist, Agrawal often 'drives herself mad' to bring out the best in herself and works on wanting more improvement. "Sometimes, I am too hard on myself. I chose to be a keen learner and keep myself evolving."

Aarti speaks about her strength of being smooth as a glider. Her adaptability enables her to swiftly shift between genres, formats, and industries. Having said that, it is natural for her to wish to expand her scope of diversity. This leads her to enjoy what is original and fresh. New tasks, different clients, working across industries, and varied questions are welcome.

For all those in the under-construction period, Aarti says, "In this season of life where you are less famous, be grateful to get the opportunity to fail. Be thankful to the Universe for what it preaches, teaches, and takes. Dare to try the new and unexplored!"

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