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Aalisha & Birat | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Aalisha and Birat, both engineers by training, walked a path less taken that led into the world of food and travel content creation. Birat, with a background in electrical engineering, and Aalisha, a civil engineer, met during their MBA program in 2021. Their mutual love for food and travel became the cornerstone of their relationship, and eventually, their entrepreneurial venture. 

Encouraged by friends, they began sharing their culinary and travel experiences online. A serendipitous train trip from Vienna to Innsbruck marked the birth of their Instagram page, Hungry Backpackers. What started as a fun project soon resonated with a broader audience, transforming their passion into a thriving business as their follower count surged and brands began to collaborate with them.

Their journey taught them the importance of consistency and planning. Initially posting sporadically, they soon realized that a regular schedule was crucial to keeping their audience engaged. They also learned the value of proper planning, scheduling content creation on weekends and editing during weekdays. Staying true to their niche and passion has been key; authenticity is what truly connects them with their audience.

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and being flexible enough to adapt to new trends and algorithms has significantly impacted their success. Despite the competitive nature of content creation, they focus on their unique value proposition: highlighting authentic food experiences in Mumbai.

Their families have been pillars of support, accompanying them on shoots and providing encouragement and practical help. Starting with just their smartphones and enthusiasm, they made the most of minimal resources. Balancing full-time consulting jobs with content creation was challenging, but a strict schedule helped them manage. Taking breaks to avoid burnout and focusing on authenticity and unique storytelling helps them stay relevant in a saturated market.

Hungry Backpackers is dedicated to discovering and sharing the best food experiences in Mumbai. From upscale restaurants to hidden gems, cloud kitchens, and home kitchens, their content delves into the stories and people behind each culinary experience, offering genuine recommendations and insights.

The food and travel content creation industry uniquely combines the joy of discovery with storytelling. Each place they visit has its own story and flavors, allowing them to connect with a diverse audience. The industry thrives on authenticity, making viewers feel part of the journey.

Their advice is simple yet profound: follow your passion and stay authentic. Success comes from doing what you love and being true to yourself. 

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